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Mission Statement

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Scoil Eoin N.S., Balloonagh, aims to provide a happy, secure environment conducive to good behaviour in which children can develop emotionally, spiritually and academically, taking the child’s background, circumstances and ability into consideration and in due process providing them with a well balanced education in a catholic environment.

The school lays foundations for further development by giving the children a degree of self-confidence in addition to a good self-image plus a high level of academic competence.

The Christian ethos of the school ensures that the spiritual and moral welfare of the pupils is adequately catered for during the formative years. The school helps them to appreciate their unique worth and dignity, fostering in them respect for themselves, for others and for their environment

Scoil Eoin welcomes pupils with special needs.   The school is wheelchair friendly and it is school policy to care in a special way for children with special educational and physical needs.   In line with the characteristic spirit of the school these students are encouraged and facilitated to participate fully in the life of the school.

The Board of Management will work energetically with the Department of Education & Science to seek the required personnel and resources to meet the needs - educational and physical - of students with special needs.

Scoil Eoin welcomes international students.

The school works hard

  1. to enable them to integrate easily into School life.

  2. to understand and inform themselves of their culture and their country of origin.


The Mercy Ethos of Scoil Eoin requires all Staff to be aware of stressful situations in the lives of children and staff i.e. illness and bereavement and to provide support and show compassion when it is needed.

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